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Ian Owira

Greetings, I am a full-stack software engineer, all things internet enthusiast. For the past few years, I've been focused on the eCommerce industry, shipping reliable and scalable solutions for eCommerce stores.

Currently, I am shifting towards creating more side projects to help me keep up with the ever-changing industry and achieve the goal of having a few SaaS platforms to share with the world.


411gen - Influencer Commerce November 2021 - March 2023

Senior Software Engineer

SaaS product to provide a solution for making use of social media marketing to drive sales, and first-party leads and optimize conversion rates.

  • • Research, continuous integration & development

Planet54.com July 2017 - March 2023

Senior Developer / Head of department

Powered by Shopify Plus, my role here was to manage the site and add features to improve the user experience.

  • • Became the head of technology and lead a junior developer
  • • Wrote microservices and applications that would integrate with Shopify, such as order tracking, gift-card generator, profile builder.
  • • Wrote bespoke Shopify themes

ThreeZee (Enhance Enterprise) March 2016 - July 2017

Front-end Developer / Designer

An eCommerce platform for start-ups and mid-level businesses seeking to have an online presence.

  • • Established a fondness for DevOps, debugging and handling any software issues on production servers, and learned about load balancers
  • • I transitioned into a full-stack developer
  • • Learned to work with full-fledged MVC PHP (Symfony) and JS frameworks
  • • Learned to better communicate and assist customers with support queries
  • • The importance of user experience and journey

Electrik Design Agency March 2014 - Feb 2016

Front-end Developer / Designer

They were a design agency that offers design and web development.

  • • Launched my first large-scale eCommerce store
  • • Promoted to Senior Developer
  • • Adopted the use of build tools, preprocessors
  • • Became a student in the world of SEO.

Imply I.T

November 2013 - February 2014

IT company offering a wide range of services such as IT Security, Software Development, VoIP Solutions and Server Support.

  • • Working in a professional environment for the first time.
  • • Learned to not enjoy writing email templates.
  • • Designing branding packages start-up businesses is a lot of work
  • • Learning about the concept of Saas, version control, better text editors (moving from DreamWeaver to sublime text)

Training / Courses

Udemy - Ruby on Rails, DevOps

Codecademy - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bash, Ruby, Git

Codecourse - PHP, Laravel, Slim, MVC principles, Alpine.js

Wesbos - React.js, ES6 and a whole bunch of JS based things.

Google - you know.